Life is not the same since

You've been gone

I see things in shades of grey

Everything I once knew

Remains no more.

I stand alone

Surrounded by people who call

Themselves family

the blood that flows through

Our veins

No longer seem to be the same

It's funny how things change ...

I stand at this precipice

Looking down into the unknown ...

With nobody to guide me

My next option

Sems to be my only choice

Strangers with familiar faces

I can't recognize who anyone is any longer ...

When did being someone

So easily become a nobody

Made to feel as though

I was & always have been nothing

More than a thought ... a mere second glance ...

Really ...

When did my value as a human 

Become less than a burden?

One in their lives & a hindrance

To their master plans ...

I shouldn't feel this pain

This pain that continues to manifest ...

Growing with each hour

An outcast in

What some would call home ...

Is more of an uncomfortable space

That is not my own ...

I stand alone.

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