A SNEAK PEEK OF “The adventures of NICK ROBERT"


He sat at the open window and looked out upon the peaceful and well-known scene.
It was such a beautiful night, the moon for the first time in eleven weeks came out at its full, and so for long he gazed at its wonderful rounded shape.
He was still looking at the moon, when the phone rang.
Brnnng Brnnng...
He reached for it, Hullo, he said to mouth of the reciever, and suddenly went tense. It was freya on the other line. A girl whom he loved so much. A girl who occupied his thoughts.
He could'nt speak, he does'nt even know what to say, Perhaps he knows not how to start. Freya was 15years of age when he went away, in search of wealth. And now there came before his eyes a memory of her so clear that he was suprised.
She was as beautiful as the moon, and her breath as soothing as a poem.
"Are you there"? Freya whispered from the other end, and all he could say in reply was, ehm! i'm so sorry dearie!
And he hung up...

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