I swear
By the fiercely blazing fire
The one who loved to be called a liar,
By the mountains and the valleys
The innocent souls that died in mali

I swear
By the fire of blazing flames
My creator and his beautiful names,
By the night and the daybreak
The seas, the rivers and the lakes

I swear
By the skin of a mighty snake
The bride, the groom and the wedding cake,
By the filthy hands of a beggar
The mighty fist of a trained wrestler

I swear
By my tongue and two lips
The hour I most love to sleep,
By the light when it appears
The moon when it disappear

I swear
By my fingers and toes
The old farmer and what he sows,
By the night when it falls
My niece and her little dolls

I swear
By the sands and the stones
The one who granted me a mighty loan,
By the wrath of the honey bee
The things I know and the ones I see

No one will ever take the place of you
You make me smile and make me good,
You are the salt which gives taste to my soup
And the sweetness which stays around my food...

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