Year and Three Months of Agony


Your gigantic, red, cotton covered stomach expands into my sight

Slowly at first, and then my consciousness is devoured

Experiencing the chalky, crumbling ivories in my mouth

Falling out of me onto the ground

And I glide right past you

We must turn around now

Your voice courses through my bones

Into the cells that create me

And I want to push you away

I want to push you down

I want to leave you alone,

I want you to be crying and contemplating suicide

I want you to feel vulnerable

I want you to continue to struggle with your words,

So you will never be able to communicate with us

You will always be frustrated and depressed

I need you to feel like you are about to break in two

That you are on the brink of insanity

Holding your head in your hands and pulling your hair out

I need you to feel just like I did, with you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to my ex husband.

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