I Wonder


How do you write without emotion

Without flowing rapidly like an ocean

How do you live without the burning

Without doing whatever it takes to make it

Living without that yearning

How do you call me over laughing as I approach

Crawling over the toe of my shoe like a roach

How do you take me to your room

Love me until the morning light

Then sweep me under the rug with your broom

But then ask me to stay with you all day and night

Don't stab me in the back again

You and the devil making pranks

Laughing at your sin

You come into your room again

With the water you promised for my parched tongue

Cutting you with my words springing up within

I get you back when suprisingly you lunge

Moving to the side

Your body floats from mine

Out of the window to the moon

Out of the window out of my life

Out of emotions out of time

Here I sit without a rhyme

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bored at work.

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