Our Love


Our love hits me like a brick wall when I look over at your

pale (insert color) eyes and my voice has ran away and I

cannot answer your head tilting question The next second I

look back at you, you're smiling now, and we both start laugh

ing uncontrollably, the fish decide on trying to make a run

for it The bowl is swelling We laugh We're headed to bed,

jump in, the covers bending and creeking with our early

appearance Your toes, feet, legs attached make their clumpsy

way over to mine, rapping tightly like a grape vine Just as


Finding no leather in my car makes me cheer, your hand

finds the most secret part of my thigh, I grin slyly at my

reflection in the window and keep singing to the music that

sucks your soul

Parents voices echo through cream tiled rooms, saying something

like a parent would, you catch my eye and we know the same

thought as your brother enters the room, flipping off rainbows

Late at night, tangled in some dream, I wake and kiss your

cheek Your lips crinkle at the sides with no noise but a

whispered "I love you" I repeat We both doze back into

sugar coated, sweat soaked, down feathers

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Josef. All those moments make our love the most special thing drawing so much energy.

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