Subconscious Surrendering


Flexing calves flashing headlights

Holding on

We're dancing talking intently through the night

The blood flows from my lips

And tears flow from the creases of my skin

Dying quickly

Comprehending trust it must bond throughout and within

Surrendering these tears I cannot bear

Hightened aggression sifting through your words

To move or to breathe I will not dare

The complicated surprise dives through my mind

Exploding and erupting into belief.

I Know Here And Now, I Have Been Deprived

The swing in it's white satin peeling state

Smoke making way seeping through the grain

Still stops by my brain

I choke on the thought

               and sink back swing away

Red time slinks by

We are too close for comfort I have it

Dipping deep into your eyes

Forbidden from tears rage visits rarely

Compassion guilding me pink

This uncertainty inside of me must be burried.

I Know Here And Now, I Must Believe

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Last night I broke through a layering wall encircling my heart, and Josef was right beside me all the while.

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