I Was Had


...and I'm waiting for rolling

seas to steal my breath, under

the waves I go, and I'm waiting

for the moons whispers to hide

my sighs as I'm looking for you,

my love

...and it's too, too late, I'm

afraid to say the rolling sea's

turned to hurricanes of tears

and the moon is cold to the touch

I'm a witch, now, flying on my

broom, no time for the softened

girl I once knew,

she is trying me, trying and

vulnerable, I'm covered in black,

lava, and copper tipped, you'll

never catch me...

Don't catch me again my love, in

this hidden trail under the

tree, we'll meet and mingled

together, many hours may pass,

but alass! I am not yours,...

remember the trickster within,

I'm not the softened subtle girl

you once knew,

Mystery had it's way with me

and you... I'm a witch covered

in black, lava, and copper tipped

you'll never catch me.

cuz you're a fool, . . . . ... every last one of you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is how I feel towards guys, now.

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