Hell House


A loud obnoxious noise ringing in my ear

Won't shut up won't be quiet

And she never smiles as she yells and stings my ears

I'm tired of being here

It's like I live in this place with paranoia

Being the main focus of everyone

Things crash and break and I want to leave

I've been here for many days

All these stupid noises and voices are weighing me down

The crashes bring anger upon me

Anger provided by the paranoia Queen

She gets on my nerves  

I just don't know what her husband did

To derserve this curse

The kids are strange

They scream my name

'oh please play with me another game'

Leave me in peace don't speak

Feels as if stones are being thrown at my head

The baby is proud of pushing everything down  

Breaking it for me to clean

That's it I'll leave soon

Leave to go to his house

I would love to go into his room...

Far away from this hell house

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