Strip Down


The leaves, they're fallin'

Fallin' too

Can't you feel your old skin sloph off

Feel the newness of the rebirth

You're bleedin' for the world to see and stare

You're bare before your "brothers" and the robbers

You are lain out, marked on, plotted on like a map

But you know the feelin'

You've done it all before

Broke it all off before

Changed your course, swiveled, turned around from the under ground

Went up top, fell apart ro find who you "really are"

The old skin comes off again

You think you've found it

The "real" you

You've changed for the worlds veiw, the worlds likeness

It will wrap around you tightly

Hide your eyes from who you are

Make you change again and again until you've gone too far

You can't come back to the beginning

To where you first saw the leaves start fallin'

Felt the new feeling

But hold on, it wraps around you tighter

The memories go, you're sliddin'

There's no need to hide it

You're just like your "brothers"

The robbers have won

And you will never last, ever again

But who's you anyway

You're a shell

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written four years ago.

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