Stale Emotion


around and around, circling

the grounds of my heart,

I better not stumble because

then I would be ripped apart,

I want to be thrown as straight

as a dart hit my target

and have complete connection

with perfection in my heart my reflection, and I

want to see someone happy,

a girl without confusion,

I wanna have no disfusion with

myself, wanna be intune with

my feelings and give freely all

of my being, not be just another

fake like some,

I want to be the truth and not

speak ruthlessly, ALL I WANT

is to be happy,

breathe easy, be my sea breeze

and take me away to an island of

peace, within me, rapped up tightly

in all the moments I am having

and never take them for granted

because soon my life will be gone

and I will be just another


love song.

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