Inside out


You can grumble at the falling snow,

And deny its purity and beauty.

But for one moment, will you do this for me?

Bask in the silence of nature.

Fast-forward and its gone.

Don't you miss it?

You should have held on longer

To your guilty pleasure.

I know the cold makes you warm inside

And the heat freezes you at the core.

You're backwards and forwards all at once.

Your inside-out glances make me weak.

I see a fire melting in your room.

Your eyes save me from this paradox.

And take me to the other side

Where the grass is green and skies are blue.

But I like green skies and blue grass.

Why'd you take me away from my chaotic dreams?

I know its right but I want to be wrong.

But you're so damn strong...

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