I found myself in the stars tonight.


Tonight, I found myself in the stars.

I’ve been lost among comets and galaxies

For a lonely eighteen years.

Tonight, I found you in my arms.

Looking at the sky with you by my side

I saw my name twinkling above.

It called upon fairy tales, wishes, and dreams.

It called me to the place I belong.

Lights faded away, illusions became real,

The sky was tangible, as if I could feel

The stars in my hands. Glimmering bright,

You gave me a marvelous strength tonight.

Because of you the stars shine through the clouds.

Let’s run around the yard catching fallen stars.

Because of you dreams will always come true.

Hold me tight tonight in our sleep.

Do you believe in greater things?

Do you believe this was meant to be?

Because I do. I believe every word you say.

I believe you made me who I am today.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

8/4/05 after Aaron took me to Fowler's Beach for the first time

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