Janey's Goldfish

The Old Stuff

Does little Janey�s goldfish

Ever feel alone

Confined in such a little bowl

Inside a humungous home

Where little Janey plays away

With little Bobby every day?

Little Janey�s goldfish

Swims around the boat

Made to look like it was sunken

Around the castle, in a moat

Where Janey places tiny toys

Of happily playing girls and boys.

Janey grew much older

And her goldfish said goodbye.

Then Janey became lonely

When Bobby had to fly

Far, far across the county

Where he met his wife-to-be.

Older Janey suddenly

Feels so very alone

Confined to such a sorrowful life

Living in a leaking home

Where older Janey sits to cry

Taking a deep breath, releasing a sigh.


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