Wasted on You

The Old Stuff

High five is yesterday.

Today low mein I may

partake in to

satisfy the hunger inside

my deafeningly discordant


Churning, chasing

Fast car racing

Leaping and bounding

away from the sounding

tummy�s desires and

salivator�s salivation

All skin, no bone

Empty in the well.

Nothing to draw upon

to make my heart swell

vivaciously stumbling

away from your appetizing

face that I

never knew

One wasted piece of rubbish.

Standing at the edge

of the ledge at the

Chinese take-out.

Ravenously gluttonous

munchies from cannabis?

No�it�s from you.

The face I never knew.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jan. 2004

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