What Are We?

The Old Stuff

I�m just trying to understand�

I really am,

But it�s so hard.

The road in front of us is so long.,

But I think I can see the end.

I think we can get there.

And I think it�ll be okay.

Just as long as we never look back.

Never look back at those lies you told me,

Lies you didn�t see.

And you still don�t.

Never look back at the passion

The passion I had for you,

But you didn�t have for me.

Yet you showed it anyway.

Maybe one day these feelings will fade

But now,

Now I just have to hide them.

These feelings you don�t want to see,

Not from me.

Not from a friend.

A friend is something of yours I never wanted to be.

But I guess that�s all I can be.

And it�s all you ever want me to be.

And it�s all I ever will be.

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