It's up to you now

The Old Stuff

Sometimes it seems like all I do is hope and hope and hope.

Yet it would probably be better to try and try and try.

I�ve just done it so much; I�m exhausted, I�m tired.

The days continue to go by and by and by

Without even a glimmer in your eye.

I built up a wall to be my barrier from you,

But what does that do?

It hurts to hide how I feel,

But telling you everything makes it harder to deal.

We will always walk side-by-side, staring into the sky,

But the future we see is different.  My dreams are really high�

And I�m so short � you know that

You�re six-foot-four�reaching the stars, my life you can sort.

It�s your choice, entirely up to you.

Just know my heart is hurting, fixing it is something only you can do.

Don�t get me wrong � I want your feelings to be sincere, your heart content

And if you�re already happy, I can settle as your peer.

We�re likethis, so close, but far apart.

I feel as though I�m in another world when we�re together, a world I wish for you to be a part.

Take my hand, never let go.

Just make clear to me which direction this will go.

I love you�

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'd add all the indents but I'm kinda lazy today...

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