The Old Stuff

�I hate you!�

He said to me.

He meant it.

�I hate you, too!�

I screamed right back.

I didn�t mean it.

Tears over a first love,

A love I ruined.

�Get your life in shape!�

Mom yelled at me.

She saw the truth.

�It is in shape!�

I yelled in her face.

I lied to her.

Tears over my life,

Ruined by me.

My life filled with wrong-doings,

My life I try to hide.

I manage to ruin everything.

It�s true.

I hold an ending in my hand.

I think about how messed up I am.

�Why not?� I think.

I�m hated,

My life isn�t good enough.

So �goodbye� I say.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Weird thing was, I was happy when I wrote this. 11/23/00

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