The Old Stuff

Here comes the flood.

It's pouring from the sky.

Will someone explain to me what this is about?

Oh wait, I remember.

He's right next to me.

I'm touching him,

Holding him,

Kissing him.

But�I can't have him.

I can't have him the way I want.

My heart aches for his sweetness.

I cry because I know I'll never have it.

Does he want it, too?

Both of us knowing it can't be?

Or is it just me�

I hope for the former,

But I'm only feeling the latter when I'm in his presence.

Someone make me stop thinking about it.

Oh God I get so jealous.

Slap me.


Wake up, girl.

There's more stars in the sky.

But I still have to be with him�

In some way.

Oh God�

I've fallen and hit rock bottom.

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