A Day at the TWRC

The Old Stuff

All is quiet, all is still,

Morning has just broken.

The sun is rising on the horizon.

There�s dew resting on the ground.

The sun is now higher,

And the birds are chirping.

The animals are waking now,

And the rehab center is bustling with life.

I walk into the nursery,

Mel is meowing at my feet.

The animals are hungry,

The nursery�s a sight to see.

I feed the animals,

Give them water, too.

I clean out their cages,

And then sweep the floor.

I walk out to the compound,

And give the animals food and water.

I walk around to see that they�re content,

And smile as I take a moment of rest.

When I finally catch my breath,

I see much more left to do!

How will I get everything done?

I look at the sweet animals and then I move on.

The filters are now clean,

The cages have new hay.

The animals are resting,

So I take a break from the heat of the day.

It�s all worth it, I think to myself,

To see the animals as happy as can be.

It puts a warmness in my heart,

And on my face is a smile of glee.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was volunteering at the Townsend Wildlife Rehabilitation Center when I thought this quirky one up. 8/22/00

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