What is a resume and how can a layout, make or break your career?

What is a resume?


If you are looking for a job, then the most important thing you must know is what a resume is. Most of the fresher’s and even experienced people get confused between a resume and a CV i.e. curriculum vitae. If you are not aware of this important document which is very crucial for your career then we will explain you. A resume is basically a one or two-page document used as a means to showcase the talent and skills of a candidate formally. This document needs to be submitted to any employer or recruiting consultancy and is the first step in interviewing process.


A resume usually lists out an applicant’s education, work experience, and skills. But you can add more details about your strengths, personal details and vision and objective too on the resume. The document serves as your formal introduction to your employer and summarizes your qualifications and why you are suitable for a particular job. Based on your resume the employer decides whether the candidate is worth interviewing or not. Sometimes it can be a good idea to send a cover letter along with your resume.


Most of the consultancies and employers receive multiple resumes during the hiring process and they may not spend a great deal of time, sometimes not even a minute to look at your resume. Thus your resume must be precise, clear and easy to give an understanding of your profile to your potential employer. Most of the white collar jobs need a person to submit their resumes before moving on to technical or other interviewing processes. A good resume is an entry ticket for you to your dream job. Make sure that you use it skillfully if you have doubted it is better to take help from resume writers who are best at these services.


Importance of the layout of a resume –


Resume layout or pattern plays an important role in determining the quality of your resume. Mostly your resume must highlight the goals and desires of your new position in the resume. Your strengths and achievements along with how you can add value to the company must be mentioned at the beginning of your resume.


After this come the details of your past experiences. You should start with your most recent job position and then continue in descending order to show the timeline and experience of the candidate. In this section, the employer would look out for gaps in employment, short-term jobs and improvement in the job position with each job switch.


If you have changed your technology or job profile several times then it is important to show only relevant experience in your resume. Do not highlight legacy technologies and skills that are no longer in demand in the industry? Make sure to read the job description or advertisement carefully and if necessary make relevant changes to your resume before submitting.


Most resume writers keep 2-3 templates on their websites which can serve as an effective base for choosing the layout of your resume. Digital resumes may include charts, graphs, and other elements.


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