Not the One

Questioning my motives because I never touched you,
Thought I was wrong for not rushing to make love to you;
Woman, are you still that mad? Are you still that sick?
All jumping off those four walls, because you aint get no…


Well, I am a man very strong and true,
Not the one you’re accustomed to.


Kicking me of your car in the middle of nowhere,
Having an outside child from being in an affair;
Woman, are you really that gone? Are you really that afraid?
All putting word in my mouth, because you aint got no…


Well, I was first to give an apology to you,
Not the one you’re accustomed to.


I was in love with you,
Respected you enough to see
That my love unrequited, boo
Because you never expected me to be…


Not the one you’re accustomed to.

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