The Last Supper

Short Stories

The Last Supper

 In the bottom of the deep blue sea swims a fish trying to find food for his children. As he struggles to find food in the bottom, he decides to look near the surface for some junk other animals leave behind. As he reaches a tiny piece of plastic a bald eagle grabs him and begins to elevate him in the air.

“Oh man! Just when I had found the perfect meal for my children”, the fish said.

“Sorry, I have to look for my own”, the eagle responded.

“Please would you just put me back to feed to my children, I promise I will go back up.”

“Nope, can’t risk it.”

“Oh well, I guess I had to go somehow. Would you at least allow me to tell you a story?”

“A story, about what?”

“Just something I heard from the whales.”

“The whales?”

“Yeah, it’s a pretty scary story.”

“Alright then, it’s a long flight so…”

“Thanks man, so the whales heard from a metal thing, those pale monkeys go on, that the world used to be greener and that the ocean was cleaner than what it is.”

“I hear that.” said the eagle surprisingly.

“Yeah, they said that the sun was old and that it will turn off soon.”

“What does that mean?” said the eagle curiously.

“There is a rumour that the world we have come to know is coming to an end. The sun will go off for a final sixty seconds and then it will shine as it has never before, killing all living creatures.”

“That’s crazy, sounds silly to me.”

“It’s up to you to believe it or not, but take it in consideration before eating me.”

“Well now I feel bad for grabbing you, but I need to feed my kids man and that’s just a story.”

“What’s the point if we’re all going to die soon?” said the fish.

“You’re sounding crazy, fish. Wait… are you okay?”

The fish ceased to answer, and the eagle carried him up to his nest. He greeted his children and proud of his work, looked at the horizon. What he saw did not surprised him, even when he had been warned. The sun was actually shutting down.

“Daddy isn’t it too early for night time?”, said the eagle’s son.

After all, even if he was eaten that day and the eagle was triumphant, the fish was right. It didn’t matter how majestic the eagle was and how insignificant the fish looked when he swimmed in the vast ocean, today they were equal, their destiny was the same. In the long run, life moves fast and it doesn’t stop for everyone. Rich, poor, powerful or oppressed, life and death, come for us all.

“Yes it is son, yes it is.” replied the eagle.

Written by: Eduardo Sepúlveda and Gabriela González Escalante

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