Let Her Breath...

"If time is the essence of love...let her breath!

Let her be all that she wants to be...let her breath!

If she's confuse give her space so she can see the real you.

Be her friend in her time of need. Believe in this and it Will be.

When a women is trying to find herself, a man will never find her,

Unless he understands her.

"Let her breath...

We take women for granted. Abuse their loyalty. With the

Weight of the world on their shoulders, let's not be boulders

In their path.

"Let them breath...

A women needs to exhale, time alone, time-out from the world.

Time to breath. A royalty of their own.

Some are shy, loud, interesting, wonderful and some are all of

The above.

If we as men pay attention to them, we will learn from them.

Their beautiful in their creation; God's image.

We forget that their vulnerable, no matter how strong they may

Be. Sooner or later they need comfort or a shoulder to cry on.

Be a friend and the rest will follow.

"Let her breath...let her be all that she wants to be...

The pain of life is felt through birth...they breath to

Conceive! Remember what we put them through.

Friend, girlfriend, sister, aunt, wife and mother, I LOVE YOU

And will never doubt you. Without you I wouldn't exist, I

Wouldn't be who I am or who I'm going to be.

The truth is that I need you, I miss you. In you i find

Comfort to speak freely, conversations that make sense.

I must admit your kiss is like no other; passion in your lips.

Your words of wisdom soothe my soul.

I met a lovely lady as sweet as she can be but I'm letting her

Breath...I'm not going to leave her side because I feel we

Where meant to be, in friendship and prosperity; but first I'm

Letting her breath...

Some soul searching of her own, I'm here to let you know, I'm

Like no other. I'm a gentleman who cares about you deeply and

I know your not naive to see that I'm being patient and enjoy

Your company.

As a man, I'm learning to understand you..."go on baby...breath!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Men don't be pushy,
"let them breath....

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