I Live In "No Place To Go"



I am so bored. I peered through the window to take a second look,

No humans about, none to read my story, none to read my book.

So I sit here looking through the window into the world of the humans,

It is of no importance. My mind made, escaping to the land of the sun.


I jumped. Was not a long jump, but enough to rattle my teeth,

So different this place, from my window ledge, this world underneath.

So now I am here where do I go, what do I do? A wonderful feeling, I dance.

First to find a party, I hear music. I stop. The book is named “Take A Chance.”


Okay I have already taken once chance, so tonight I am wild and free,

I open the door. I was sure the music was here, so dark I can not see.

A loud scream and a massive shadow, oh heck where is the door?

I exit the book. That is definitely not the excitement I was looking for.


I crept quietly (well as quietly as I could with heels) where to now?

Out of my book and could not believe even a vampire was not on the prowl.

Oh girl what are you thinking, the last book you opened you had a close call.

I put my ear to another book. Silence. “Legends of The Fall.”


So I decided to check it out, which I fear was another huge mistake,

I screamed and ran, ran and screamed, and fell face first in a lake.

Water of all things. Not just any water, muddy, horsey, cow water, ick.

To top it all off I broke a heel, bout got run over by a horse, and probably be sick.


Tears from my eyes and I wiped them with... mud. I wanna go home,

I think I have had enough adventure, I really want to be alone.

I threw my heels and ran, and ran, till I reached my home, “No place to Go,”

It did not matter anymore . I was back in my world, clothes and heels neatly in a row.


So clean now, clean and dry, waiting by the windows ledge once again,

All alone, but it mattered not, I felt no more wildness held no more demands.

There comes the human, wonder the book she would choose this night,

Oh my, she chose me. Excited now, I get to dance, dance into the morning light.







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