Sometimes I stumble try not to fall,

My voice a soft whisper till I hear the call.

“Rise, rise from your dreaded despair,

You are alive and have lots of love to share.

Pain goes with life for its not a simple thing,

Slowly it fades, leaving only the remembering.

Remembering is good, its but a lesson to learn,

Never again, and my mind begins to turn.

Not backwards, no, never. Some things I will forget,

Only forward, new memories, no doubts, no regrets.

On my feet now standing both tall and proud,

My voice no longer a whisper, but a shout among the crowd.

I’m a person, alive, and from the curse I am free,

I’ll no longer allow anyone to walk over me.

Untrusting to some with a cynic eye,

But true friends I have and on golden wings my spirit will fly.

I AM ALIVE. Isn’t life great.

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