The Legend of Justice

Swift hooves thundering in the night,

Black cape flying with the speed from the flight.

Echoes of gunfire closing in,

Faster he rides, his challenge, to win.

This is the game he loves to play,

His mind drifts back thinking of all his yesterdays.

Once long ago he had been poor,

A new way of life he had longed for.

They had come like thieves swift and hard

Over run his village never saying a word

It didn't matter that there was nothing there,

The thirst for blood was too much to bear.

"Burn, burn," they shouted,"Burn in hell,"

He watched in anger as his house fell.

Acrid smoke filled his lungs,

But the terror had only begun.

Old Mac a crippled fisherman by trade,

Would never again see the light of day.

Scorching flames trailed him as he ran,

Catching him, quickly burning out of hand.

A mournful scream, he didn't think to roll,

He ran, and ran, as his body burned out of control.

Sadie begged,and begged,"Please don't take my life,"

Just before she was stabbed with a carving knife.

Over and over, again and again, her blood oozing upon the ground,

Her screams and cries were finally silenced as she finally went down.

Her eyes froze with the terror of the night,

The old woman, loved by all, would never again see the sunlight.

After all these years he could  still hear the screams,

And each night relived the horror in his dreams.

So many bodies, so much death, it didn't make sense,

They were only poor villagers that couldn't pay the kings rent.

Ten-year-old Joanie, a little off in the head,

Was found later tied with strips of leather to her bed.

She had been set fire, stripped of her ragged clothes,

After she was raped, a knife had sliced her throat.

He had been eight then an swore as long as he was alive,

He would find a way, to make this wrong right.

He fought bravely for such a wee little lad,

And he went wild when they hung his dad.

Maniacal laughter rang in his ears,

The horror, the pain, the women's tears.

They took him prisoner they liked the way he fought,

And he learned so well everything he was taught.

As he grew they began to show trust,

It was there mistake, to believe he would adjust.

He escaped as a teen, he had been taught well,

And he swore then to send them all straight to hell.

Justice he was called and a legend he became,

Though no one ever knew his name.

In times of trouble, sorrow or unrest,

He would ride in the night, doing what he did best.

One by one, the evil ones met their death,

And cursed him with their last breath.

To him it didn't matter, justice was done,

And he laughed as once again he escaped their guns.

The villages of the poor along the coast,

Swore that Justice was man some swore he was a ghost.

They held no fear; they knew they were safe,

Because he would always give to them, but never take.

Sometimes of the morning, they would find fresh meat,

He always made sure they had plenty to eat.

They never lacked for anything when Justice was near,

Everything was all right when he appeared.

The maidens swooned, when his name was mentioned,

And all hoped that someday they would catch his attention.

"Ah so romantic, so handsome," though he had never been seen,

Just the kind of man that lived in their dreams

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