“Hush, hush, my hungry little child,

Rest your head and sleep awhile.

Your hunger forgotten amid your dreams,

Restless mind searching for needful things.”

“A stack of tattered cloth to rest your head,

Worn faded newspaper as your bed.

A ripped, musty blanket rescued from the trash,

Sorry my child for our lack of cash.”

“Jobs are scarce and hard to find,

The lap of luxury is far behind.

Sleep my child and I will see what I can do,

To find something maybe a scrap or two.”

Tears flow freely from this mother,

Who loved and was deserted by another.

Circumstances now beyond her control,

Worn down in both body and soul.

Cast upon the streets, a little one to in tow,

Trying to protect him from the ills winds that flow.

Day by day , oh the pain just had to recede,

“Oh my son, my son, I must see to your needs.”

Once more she knealt on the cold cement to pray,

Wishing for a brighter day.

All her hope, faith, and tears were released,

And upon the mornings dawn she found peace.

Was but a stranger that passed her by,

Heard her prayers and her anuished cry.

A housekeeper he needed his other went away,

Her and her little one found their brighter day.

Her faith stood stong God answered her prayer,

He led the stranger to find her there.

Now her child had food, shelter, and love,

A gift for her faith in God above.

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