The Rage Held Within

I breathe deeply but my thoughts can get no traction,

Mortal is my anger and not a hint of satisfaction.

I cannot scream though I will it to be so,

My mind says yes, yes scream, but my lungs say no.

Once started there will be no end it stays for awhile,

Never touch me, never talk, and do not tempt me with your smile.

Uncontrollable shake, aye I can feel it in the depths of my soul,

But I cannot give in, I must maintain a tiny bit of control.

The onset has come, oh what stress has befallen me,

Can't they just leave me alone awhile,just go away and leave me be.

Alone I can deal, oh yes alone I fair so very well,

Only a few minutes I ask to calm this wrath from hell.

But they cannot see, no, they can not comprehend,

That only the slightest nudge will bring about my sanity's end.

I cry; these tears I must mournfully release,

For that will be my only means to settle my hearts peace.

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