Drifting thoughts, peaceful but deep,

Soulful morn, no wish to sleep,

Creativity released and more I crave,

For the pathway I walk , on file I save.

Would that my fingers could linger longer over these keys,

But through the quietness, time scattered upon the breeze.

Restless now my feet tap upon the old wooden floor.

And a deluge of rain pelted against the splintered door.

No matter the rain, the echo of thunder, they will appear,

Though my bravery speech to myself, I still hold much fear.

So slow they are you would think to just walk by,

Fresh blood smell a feeding frenzy, no time to question why?

Too long my entrapment in this dungeon has held,

My food was lacking, my stomach started to rebel.

The cowards had fled, but now was only me,

A prisoner all alone fighting to be free.

Aye but what a price my sanity or my life,

Should I even dare break free from the strife.

Awaiting me a certain death but should a chance I take?

Escape? Is it possible? Or perhaps only their thirst I slake.

A weary soul an eerie moan catches the air, my bravery gone,

“Why,?” I cried, “Why was I left here to suffer alone.”

Darkness. Total darkness and the rancid smell filled the air,

The dead had come for me, the grim reaper to take me to his lair.

Agonizing screams, oh I cannot stand it don’t leave her alone,

But upon realization it was me, the screams were my own.

The pounding would not cease more frantically against the door,

A weapon, any weapon anything at all I searched for.

To no avail my weapons hunt failed miserably, I was already dead.

A crack of thunder, lightning of steel, glutiness sounds filled my head.

They wanted me, wanted me bad, for blood flowed fresh through my soul.

And the door came crashing down, bursting through out of control.

Hundreds upon hundreds of these flesh eaters invaded the prison wall,

And alone and afraid I stood ready to face them all.

One, two, three, perhaps I could ease on by,

Three, four, five, oh no, no, no, I’m about to die.

And then I rise again off the cold stone floor,

I guess its ended, but it doesn’t really matter anymore.

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