I Traveled

I  traveled my mind through times lost pages,

Searching my soul through unwanted stages.

Wasn’t me I was seeking but an unlikely foe,

Ageing tides and raging winds and a shadow unknown.

Thus started, my journey saw no ending. Infinite; forever; always.

Always the shadows; constant shadows, no wisdom just a blinding haze.

But what shadow I sought ? Perhaps was my wish to be free,

Capture it I couldn’t was just a long lost memory.

I reached and I reached ,stretching so very far,

But was only a glimpse I saw of my bright shiny star.

“Faith,” I cried, “Faith,” I did forlornly scream,

Believe, believe no matter how impossible it might seem.

So restless my thoughts, not a memory left along the way,

Aye, and a rainbow of tears for a life I lived each day.

Ancient ghosts, old memories, shadows beneath my door,

Leave me be, for you don’t haunt me anymore.

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