Ancient As Time

Ancient eyes blood runs cold,

Piercing depths capturing my soul,

Serrated edge the sharpest of talons,

Around his neck the wizards medallion.

My prize in sight but how could i retrieve?

His wicked smile meant to decieve.

He knew my purpose, my quest foretold,

Twas a tratior for a pittance of gold.

Why,oh why? This I did not understand,

My flesh seared from the touch of his hand.

Only the slightness of a wisp just a feathery touch,

But the flames fed my soul and I wanted him so much.

"No, no," I cried," I want you not, release your spell,"

"I cannot love a vision escaped from the pits of hell."

Aye and it was the medallion which played its tricks on me,

Turned my every thought, feel, nay all my senses from reality.

Was not him but the one awaiting me above,

Yes only him, the only one I could ever love.

My dilema was the wizards medallion it could hurt or heal,

"Noooooooo," He was pulling my soul I could no longer feel.

A heart wrenching cry from the depths beyond light,

I could not pity I had not the strength to fight.

But then I realized those crys came from my captured soul,

Maniacal laughter as he took control.

Whats this? A  whisper of a breeze? But no was my lover calling my name,

"Come back, come back to me, don"t let him play this horrible game

Take back your heart, make him return your soul, for mine you must be,

I will love you and care for you from now through eternity."

To late my soul had disappeared as had the demon spawn

And  I felt nothing no love, no pity, no anger, I was the devils pawn.

Listlessly I walked in the eerier darkness, and then I began to pace,

A vision, or something to that effect, all I know it was a face.

Who it belonged to I had no knowledge or why it would come now,

But I knew that it was significant to me somehow.

"Awaken my love, you've had a terrible fall,"

My head ached as I opened my eyes, was only a nightmare after all.

And in the darkest shadows in the deepest of pits the medallion burns,

He's not through with her yet, no not yet, she has a lesson to learn.

His chilling laughter sweeps across the ones that have met their doom,

She will be back, oh yes, she will be back very soon.

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