The Angel Called Mom

For a mother so loved her baby that she gave it her heart,

I love you my precious her most used remark.

As it emerged from her body she swore to never let it go,

A part of her, her life, her heart, her soul.

Bumps and bruises aches and pains, she felt them equally,

Her heart felt anguish as each cut and scrape would bleed.

Tiny footsteps, slowly, gently something so brand new,

The brightest of smiles, as it finally walked to you.

The crying in the night from the teeth that form,

Drying tears, rocking it gently, forever protecting it from harm.

Measles, chicken pox, even the flu,

It was always mom that watched over you.

The school bus comes along; it's the very first day,

Mom cries so hard, she misses you while you're away.

She looks for you everywhere but yet she really knows,

It's time for her baby to grow.

Junior High, then High School how quickly the passage of years,

Her first heartache, but moms still there to ease the tears.

Graduation comes; your baby is grown,

Soon she marries and has a new home.

A little grandchild is born, your very first one,

And as with your child, graced with a mothers love.

Special and precious, with tears you watch it grow,

You enjoy it while you can, for all too soon, you have to let it go.

But when there's any trouble, confusion or tears,

Moms always there to take away your fears.

Forever and ever till death calls her name,

A mother's love always takes away your pain.

God created mom's to be his most precious Angels,

To love the little ones and keep them from danger.

I'm older now, with a family of my own,

But I still call on my mother you CAN always go home.

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