For The People

For The People

Once upon a time a country was born,

Was a bloody fight marred by many a war.

But freedom was at stake we wanted not a king,

A president, the people, the right to be free.

Soldiers scared though fighting so brave,

Some captured, some injured, some their lives they gave.

Somebody's mother, somebody's father, somebody's daughter,

somebody's son,

Soldiers fighting for freedom in a land they call home.

Centuries pass freedom a gift from our forefathers,

Nourishing the thought we would be apart from English waters.

Young and starving scared fear ravishing their hearts,

They built this land called America and freedom became a part.

And the civil war once separate all states became united,

And once again tempers had been ignited.

More lives lost young but yet free,

All for the love of this great country.

World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam, the Korean War,

Know one could predict what the future had in store.

Distant shores took our people fights in other lands,

For the people wanted what we so long had.

Freedom. Now once again our forces fight in foreign lands

The weapons have changed, command in different hands.

Somebody's father, somebody's daughter, somebody's son, somebody's


Somebody's aunt, somebody's uncle, Somebody's sister, somebody's


I'll pray for them all my day's and nights as I have for years past,

Their bravery, their strength may it forever last.

I weep for the children, the downtrodden, the poor,

Liberation from tyranny freedom that they fight for.

May they stay safe as they fight then their journey home,

May God remain with them never to be left alone.

May their mission be blessed and their hearts put at ease,

May the lives of the worlds people soon find peace.

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