So Wicked Doth The Shadows Lie

So wicked doth the shadows lie upon the darkened field,

Almost half past midnight the fear began to build.

Blood poured across the land the smell rode the breeze,

Icy fingers of death , he thinks, he feels, he sees.

The wolves, aye he called for them wishing for them to feast,

"Capture their souls my minions for we must satisfy the beast."

Shift changers they were and he their souls keeper.

Most humans shivered in fear just thinking of the grim reaper.

A thunderous roar echoed the air, and a raging wind took flight,

No longer the calm before the storm, aye was a full fledged fight.

Lightning; fierce shades of steel tearing from the sky,

A cabin struck , now aflame , and spreading to the others nearby.

The wolves distanced themselves watching, waiting, knowing their time

was soon,

The villagers ran too and fro as darkened clouds covered the moon.

She ran from a cabin the fury of flames held tight her nightgown,

After only minutes but more like hours, fell dead upon the ground.

"Not yet my pets, hold steady for a little more there will be,"

Soon, yes soon, their souls will belong to me.

You will feast well, and many bones will remain for your pleasure,

But you must wait, I must wait , I must have my treasure."

"No other can compare to the one that I speak of

Will be my desire to turn her from her God above.

An angel sent from Heaven thinking to bring the earth to peace,"

Maniacal laughter followed oh what sweet release.

Chaos reigned then as the whole village became a huge inferno,

Mothers grasped tightly their children, trapped with nowhere to go.

The men tried desperately to ease the flames but little good it did,

For they were from the reaper and they did as he bid.

"Now my children, now you must turn and feed,

I feel your blood lust, I know what you need,

Rip out their hearts, with your jagged teeth lay them bare,

Rise upon two legs now a soldiers clothes you shall wear."

Like cattle they herded the villagers, none escaped their sight,

Ah fresh blood lances, axes maces, as the darkness disappeared to


Ah yes, there she was Heavens angel had come to play,

Her golden halo lit the sky as she fell on her knees to pray.

Through the air he flew so quickly time could not grasp,

His teeth connected with her throat but from her not even a gasp.

"What no blood, no it just could not be so,"

He wanted to feel, nay watch her life's blood flow.

His sharpened teeth had not pierced her skin not even a trace of


But from her eyes a rainbow of tears started a waters flood.

The flames ended quickly as she rose homeward bound,

Back to her cloud in Heaven her time finished for the reaper was


Such a evil force was he and though he would never desist,

This village was one of peace and he must cross it from his list.

As she came in sight her Heavenly home the village was set aright,

And an angry reaper and his minions disappeared as it became daylight.

They would return for such was their wicked ways,

But she would be their to stop him till the end of her days.

How long she didn't know for it had already been a thousand years,

And as the sun peeked over the horizon it dried her rainbow of tears.

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