Fairy Dust

Shimmering sand, waters shore

Golden fairydust fireflies galore.

captured wishes beneath the moon,

magical spells a mystical tune.

From the waters current he appears,

captivated by her rainbow of tears.

what heartache ails this lady so fair?

Eyes of stormy blue, windswept hair.

So beautiful a vision his heart doth see,

he feels her pain for her he bleeds.

None other lossed his soul as she who cries,

and he calls to him the mystical fireflies.

Whispering breath a spell he casts,

And a sudden her tears are passed.

A heartwrenching smile from one such as he,

back into the waters depths a lost memory.

she knows not how her pain erased,

unaware of the strange event that had taken place,

Sitting alone searching the waters depths,

A calm peace and closing her eyes now slept

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