Two Lonely Hearts

Two Lonely Hearts

A touch of magic a twist of fate,

Two lonely hearts an adventure awaits.

She tried to distance herself from this man,

Too many times hurt and she didn't want it to happen again.

The more she pulled back the harder the chase,

Too soon he captured her heart with his gentlemanly ways.

Their first night together they knew it wasn't meant to be,

So good, so right, but the ending they did not see.

They could not think about this at the time,

When they were together they knew each others minds.

Only a look then they would hold each other neither willing to let go,

But as the months past they knew it would be so.

Her heart bled as they said their final goodbye,

And she knew he hurt for it showed in his eyes,

There are no regrets for she knew from the start,

Fate sent a traveler to steal her heart

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