A Conversation With God


Once upon a soul where angels gathered near,

To protect a mere mortal with a love so dear.

They watched carefully felt the pain and trials,

Touched the heart with joy and heartwarming smiles.

Each time the soul near fell in the deepest darkest despair,

The angels reached the soul and brightness it ensnared.

They could not let it stumble they could not let it fall,

For it was Gods chosen, destined for a golden halo.

Soon the soul began to suffer the pain became to much,

Everyone loved this soul, the brightest ray for the hearts touch.

Tears from all; they wept to see her soul fall,

But from the Heavens above God wept the the most tears of all.

"A rainbow of tears, why do you weep so?

Her soul is mine and on her head rests a golden halo.

She is my daughter you had her for so long,

And now it is time for her to come home."

"Her pain will be released , more joy that can be known,

Her earthly worries far away, her sickness will be gone.

Stay your tears weep not for your dear mother,

She is now the lamb of God and I too love her."

"But God how can we let her go? She has brightened so many hearts,

Withought her strength my world will slowly fall apart.

I cannot stand to see her pain, yet how can I say good-bye?

My darling child, she's now resting with the angels up high."

"You will carry her memory throughout your days and think of the love

she bore for you,

And often will you know she will be an angel too.

She will be by your side to catch you when you fall,

Now, tomorrow, and evermore, till it's your name that I call."

"She's at peace now, her long awaited journey is near,

Carry no sorrow, weep not your flow of tears,

For now she is in Heaven resting with me,

And now this wonderful soul has been set free."

(C)Cynthia Clark


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