Night's Breath

Nights breathe silent wings spanning the wind,

Sorrows untold, a journey bringing the end.

Now he had come. The one to cease her restless heart,

And her lonely world slowly crumbled walls breaking apart.

Stars fire spitting their dust gently upon the earth,

An omen perhaps of this night of her rebirth.

Among the living once again she comes,

And a beauty so awesome, the last rays of the evening’s sun.

The blue waters of the lake, unseen by her for so long,

Now but an enchanted spell under the summer moon’s dawn.

So new this world a discovery of life, a discovery of herself.

For ere long a prize sitting amongst the dust upon the shelf.

And he brought her to life, gave her a heart, fed her soul,

The warmth of his love easing to the depths of her body long since cold.

A captured twinkle escaped from the sky’s million stars,

And she would forever love his haunting vision from afar.

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