Whispers In The Dark

Whispers in the dark and the raven sings,

Intent upon watching from his perch up in the tree.

Once strong, and handsome the Keeper of Balkane Lake

Then breath of death, kissed by fire, riding the winds wake.

His soul begged for release his freedom never more,

Imprisoned in wings over the earth he soared.

Just once more could he feel the earth beneath his feet,

Such happiness to make his world complete.

But alas it was not meant to be for fate dealt his hand,

Reborn as a mighty raven instead of a normal man.

Voices whispered, thunder echoed and lightning filled the room,

And death beckoned as he was carried to his tomb.

Savagely his spirit twisted then upward it soared,

And upon Balkane Lake his deaths blood poured.

Seizing the sky’s raging winds and lightning’s fierce flame

Wings of black, talons for feet, and a raven he became.

So days and day’s he flew singing his heart wrenching song,

And a hundred years later seeking peace for his lake now gone.

What purpose this indeed he knew of no wrong he had done?

Come to me o raven; sing to me, your journey has just begun.

Part 2

She ran, and ran, and ran silver tears upon her cheek,

Oh peace, aye bring me the peace, which I seek.

So why then does the shadows darkness claim what I cannot give?

To love another, to be loved, a life to really live.

Through the forest she ran twisted branches broken limbs,

A stones path she screamed as she fell her life’s light growing dim.

And the raven called to her from somewhere in a land beyond,

Singing his heart wrenching song begging her to hold on.

He was but a raven he cursed his lack of power but thankful he was swift,

His wings spanned her body and an unknown force helped him lift.

And the small raven soared quickly carrying his lady away

Her spirit caught the wind and peace came too her that day.

Whispers in the dark and a pair of raven’s sing

Intent on watching from their perch up in the tree.

Aye and heart to heart, soul to soul, his purpose, his life, his sun,

Come to me o raven; sing to me, your journey has just begun.

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