It's A Redneck Valentines day

If u luv me darlin and u aim to please,

Get me some flea powders cause my dogs got fleas.

I know you want to give me something good,

So how bout a pick up load of stove wood.

The tar on my wheel barra suddenly went flat,

And I could shore use some food for my cat.

Tha handle to my axe has got a big crack,

Can’t change my truck tar without a jack.

Any of the above or something I need,

Cause Valentines Day is to say u love me.

I love u more n spaghetti with the o’s,

From yur baldhead to your crooked toes.

Yur bellies a might to fat from drankin all that beer,

But u still mean more n the taste of deer.

The way u spit yur tobaccy juice a runnin down yur chin,

Why I’d ruther have u than ten rich men.

Plain and simple yur the one fer me,

So happy Valentine’s Day baby.

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