The Ancient Oak

The Ancient Oak

Steel lightning thunder releasing its wrath.

Winds rage destruction from its path.

And she ran and ran and ran on and on,

Intense fear over riding her wants.

An ancient oak blocked the trail she took,

She heard him close her body shook.

Tears started anew pain from the whip’s bite,

She trembled in fear longing for an end to this night.

Torrential rain but she could not cross the tree,

Each time she tried she slid to her knees.

No ordinary tree this but from mystical times,

What was that? A whisper? But perhaps just her mind.

No more hope perhaps death was her fate,

Soon catch her he would and what tortures await?

So much easier let him catch her end it all,

After all he owned her according to the law.

A poker game damn had it only been a year?

Seemed forever she had been here.

So badly she wanted to return to the east coast,

Rain and tears intermingling dredging up past ghosts.

Blueberry pies, pumpkin butter, and delicious hot biscuits,

Her mom’s bright smile lord how she missed it.

Death had come for her stole her in the night,

Quickly her things were packed her uncle came at daylight.

Chills shook her body the rain drenching her skin,

What she would give just to be warm again.

Sitting on the ground knees cradling her breast head in hands,

Life made way to many demands.

Light shone through the trees he was here,

Damn her uncle, his poker games, and beer.

To loose her his only kin in a game of cards,

And to one such as he evil’s own guard.

That he was. A year had proved it much,

Death where are you? I need your eternal touch.

A backhand across her face, she felt the sharp sting,

Hysterical laughter; no death would let her be.

The swish of raven’s wings sharp talons grasped her tight,

The rains stopped, lightning no longer lit the night.

Thousands of stars silver sparks gracing the world atop,

Was amazing she wished it would never stop.

The raven meant no ill will this she knew,

With a low swoop dropping her gently in the newly fallen dew.

A field of sunflowers much much taller than she,

Colorful birds, butterfly’s, and in the midst an ancient oak tree.

And again he called to her so gentle his voice,

One foot in front of the other was there another choice?          

No none; his tone so persuasive, so hypnotic,

She could not fight if she wanted it.

There he stood propped against the oak,

Black felt hat upon his head, across his shoulders a cloak.

Goodness had she been transported to a time past,

Dressed as a highwayman a spell he had cast.

She did not turn from his fiery kiss nor pull from his arms,

It mattered not if he intended harm.

His eyes held her spellbound his lips flame to each touch,

Light caress, oh she needed this so much.

No mistaken the desire the two lovers shared,

An eternity together then he cried in despair.

He was forever immortal he could not die,

His tears as he buried the love of his life.

Her body had aged wrinkled skin and crow’s feet,

But loved her still his life her bodies heat.

Eighty-nine a year ago on her death,

And a whisper of the wind his name with her final breathe.

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