Christmas Alphabet


Christmas Alphabet (Revised)


A manger in the stables, lying in the hay 

Born on a starry, night, quietly he lay. 

Calls from the angels for the shepherds to hear, 

"Divine, divine, our Lord and King is near."

"Everyone bow, sink low to the ground, 

Feel his love, come, gather round, gather round. 

Gold and frankincense, and myrrh as his gifts, 

Halo’s for His angel’s souls they lift


Inn’s manger where he sleeps,

Joy to all humans our souls to keep

King of Kings for all generations

Life, precious one He is our salvation

Make a joyful noise, sing ye a happy tune, 

Notice ye, the north star, and the brightness of the moon. 

Open your hearts, let his love shine through, 

Prince of Peace, Lion of Judea, let us worship you."

"Quickly now, with haste follow yon star, 

Ride your camels, your donkeys, travel afar, 

Sing praises to Baby Jesus, the one most adored, 

Thank God for his Son, our Savior, and Lord."

Under the stars with the moon looking on, 

Visions danced gaily must have been angels of song. 

With light, laughter, and halos, so much joy on this night, 

Xenagogue they shall be as they spread their wings in flight.

Yeanlings following their shepherds for no staff could hold, 

Zealous we rejoice as Christ's birth had long been foretold.











© Cynthia Clark

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