Death Is His Name

An owl hooted in the distance, shadows of night darkened the sky,

A gust of wind caught the trees as hungry black bats spread their

wings in flight

Strange that no moon made an appearance for the sky was clear,

And in a wheat field outside the forest, he suddenly appeared.

Tall he was at least six foot three, shoulders broad and strong,

Hair, the color of ravens wings, silky and really long.

Oh but what eyes; his eyes stared, steadily intent on his prey,

Soon though they turned to flames, and the outline turned to ashen


As he smiled his lips spread baring almost perfect teeth,

Until a transformation bringing four of the front from somewhere in

the deep

His perfect cheekbones went through a skeletal phase,

And throughout his body other changes were taking place.

Once the fingers of a pianist, long slim and smooth,

Now a thin layer of tough hide, the bones showing through.

His finger nails extended farther and farther away from the tips,

And he released his pale tongue to roam over his lips.

The transformation only took seconds, but longer in her mind,

All she wanted was escape, to leave this nightmare far behind.

But yet it wasn't a nightmare, this she already knew,

A night out, a lonely road, their were no houses in her view.

So quiet, the bats had calmed, the winds all but disappeared,

And as he came to here, she screamed in her fear.

There was no help for her she had no escape,

And as he reached her side, she knew rescue would come too late.

He pulled her up with one hand, her feet never touching the earth,

And slowly traced his eyes easing them down the front of her shirt.

Then her feet touched ground but still he held her tight,

Again he licked his lips in anticipation of the first bite.

He could feel the power as she preyed upon his soul,

Forever he had wanted her, and now he was in control.

He bared his teeth, as she rested in his arms,

His intent stare always worked like a charm.

He could be anyone he chose for he had the power,

Be he a hero, nobleman, farmer, or coward.

The spells he could cast had no foreseen end,

He could be anyone from evil foe to a best friend.

He bared her neck his breath hot upon her skin,

And the longest of his razor teeth nearing its journeys end.

A dog's growl in the distance, a swift truck with blinding headlights,

A nuisance to him, fools bringing guns to a creature fight.

Not necessarily a vampire, nor human flesh,

Neither was he alive, but also not dead.

He was just here, his only purpose was to survive,

Satan's demon from hell, more dead than alive.

He held the girl, extending her his arms, towards the sky,

A whirlwind encircled sending him upward in flight.

With a speed so fast, it was impossible to see,

In mid air her flesh connected with his teeth.

He loosed her and she felt herself floating on air,

All the while blood intermingling with her long blond hair.

The blood, her blood from the flesh he ripped apart,

But she felt no hurt, for now she had a demons heart.

The truck slid upon the wheat field its huge tires digging in,

The driver knew he could handle it for worse places his truck had


The two beside him eager as adrenalin rushed through,

The two in the back ready as they felt the excitement too.

For years they had hunted their quarry, a chase through out all time,

Never had they given up though he had been so hard to find.

His escape from the pits had been no surprise only they had waited

way to long,

He had gained way too much power in an experiment gone wrong.

Death is his Name  Part 2

Sudden thunder raged across the darkened sky

Blue yellow lightning ran rampant in the night.

The force of the spinning earth sent dust like waves of the ocean,

The first held captive the pickup sucking it under in one quick motion.

And Death?s laughter echoed overtaking even the storms wrath,

Banished without so much as a trace not even the pickups path.

So he willed it so it was and so it should be,

He had been created to destroy, to cause destruction now he was free.

Did they think the darkened pit could hold one such as this?

He was indestructible, demons guardian; the worlds death was his.

They should not have moved the stone barrier that led him here,

His creators such weak men to late they found fear.

Their pity for their creation over road their sense of a threat,

His transformation lost him his woman and he still wasn't over that yet.

How long had he lived, how long was his life to be?

No death for him But complain, no not he, he would live all eternity.

Part 3

And she had his heart now the soul of the demons spawn,

Escape yes death and destruction on her own.

Her eyes shot sprays of blood drops and flame,

One had escaped the truck and she would know his name.

Aye she would be a beauty gain the knowledge in his mind,

And when he had no further use she would end his time.

Of her thoughts her master seemed unaware,

Could she leave did she dare?

Would indeed be nice to have swift wings for flight,

She smiled as she flew swiftly off into the night.

Power; yes anything she wanted would be,

She would fight the beast and become the beauty.

Translucent against the darkened sky she searched for her prey,

No, oh no, she would not let him get away.

Why had the beast not sensed that he had survived?

But no matter really at the moment she needed him alive.

Aye the beauty needed the secret to the beasts destruction,

For it would be she that would punish him.

Never would she consent to be the beasts wife,

And wasn't that the reason he gave her eternal life.

She reached with her mind and saw the lone man,

Sheltered in a pile of brush covered with grains of sand.

Maniacal laughter echoed over and over in her head,

She felt his fear, the fear of his impending death.

Not to worry, no for you have something I really need,

Ah but then I shall watch you slowly bleed.

He shivered uncontrollably as he felt himself take to the air,

Her hands soft gentle carrying him away from there.

A deep green valley far, far away, and he was set down,

He sank to his knees as he landed upon the ground.

Looking towards the sky he began to pray,

For though he hadn't seen her he knew she had carried him away.

So which would be the worse the beauty or the beast,

For which would he be their nights feast.

Aye she had him now, but he would show himself soon,

The littlest of fish was he and unprepared for doom.

She appeared before him and took a deep breath,

So innocent her look how could she cause death.

So beautiful, and her eyes sparkling sunshines rays,

And her hair the color of wheat falling past her waist.

He no longer feared for her smile had captured his soul,

Oh so easy it had been to take him under control.

Anything she wanted to know he would tell,

And then she would send him on his journey to hell

Part 4

But he did know. He knows all, sees all, he is all,

Her betrayal no matter her strength would be her downfall.

She knew not the force the power that he held,

A test he had given her and she failed.

The littlest of fish aye that was his worthy opponent,

He was the one that created; he was the one to end it.

But no for the beast would be the only victor,

And the beautys betrayal would be the end of her.

Hurt brought about seething rage revenge was his need,

He would tear out her heart and watch it bleed.

No eternal life for her though that was her thought,

If she had held true so many things she could have been taught.

Not to worry for her hell would be slow and much pain,

For he had the strength, the anger, to drive her insane.

Soon she would know as well as the littlest fish,

That only he was granted anything he wished.

He was power, he was greed, he was rage, he was the devil?s spawn,

He was life, he was death, he was evil, he was all.

Invincible, indestructible, only he knew where their final meeting lay,

Across the sea, on the green grass far far away.

Part 5

What is it beauty? What be your wish?

There are others before me. I'm only the littlest fish.

Nothing can I tell you for my hands do not guide,

I have nothing of import to confide.

But sir I only wished to help you escape his wrath,

Just to release you from destructions path.

Her look so sincere her spell had been cast,

After only a moment's silence he spoke at last.

"It be terror he's wanting. Terror across the seas,

Aye and I know who he's coming for he be coming for me.

I can see it amidst the signs; I can feel it in his breath,

And I'll already be knowing he wants my death."

"Some think I can hurt him, how I know not,

I am the littlest of fish that centuries forgot.

His eyes are evil they burn like the fire,

Hatred he craves the death of beauty his desire."

"The winds will rage the moon will glow,

And his harsh laughter why it will go,

On and on and on some more till the end comes to sight,

Aye and then and only then will the beast and beauty fight."

"And I'm a wondering why me, that I be called,

So I think to say to hell with it all.

I am nothing, no power, no means to fight,

Only the lowest of creatures in this game called life."

"His breath agin my neck now, hot smelly sweat,

Soon he will come for me, will he bring me my death.

Aye this I know without the knowledge afore hand,

Twould be the rare beauty and beast, which will conquer the land."

"But was it not foretold upon the revolution,

The devil will portray beauty in a world of confusion,

Aye and indeed only seek the good for all,

Twould be this that would make the earth fall."

"So what part is mine, why does he come for me?

I know not what his reasoning may be.

In haste I must break ties with friends across time,

For they shall not be caught in this death of mine."

Her stare hypnotic from where had his words come?

Deep from within, long forgotten his brain going numb.

Aye he had created, secrets buried a lifetime ago,

Far, far below earths ground three cells in a row.

The earths most dangerous creatures held inside,

Fluid taken from the evil ones that died.

The injections had failed in the results they sought,

He was responsible for the destruction wrought.

He gripped his head from the swords sharp steel,

Oh the pain, no, no, it wasn't real.

It hurt something fierce the beast held his mind,

He felt everything the beast went through in past times.

His screams echoed like thunder his heartbeat sped,

Aye and before the beasts transformation he had wished death.

No granted it could not nor would not be,

For it was to late. He would live through eternity.

Too much power, too much evil, and way to much hate,

They knew not how to destroy him oh and the regrets came much to late.

The littlest fish knew now for he had been the one,

Buried in cement, all alone, they thought they had won.

But no that was not how it was or how it would be,

For his rage, his strength, his power had set him free.

He had not released him but someone had removed the stone,

But it was of no importance now he must face the beast and beauty alone.

Part 6

The slightest of whispers rode the currents of time,

Can you hear me my beauty your life is mine?

Think you that escape is possible?

No, no my beauty for I am unstoppable.?

Maniacal laughter reaffirmed his appearance,

So eerie was it that even the beauty feared it.

His height had forced shadows across the glowing moon,

Encompassing the earth demonstrating his powers of doom.

A dark abyss had claimed his mouth but only for the moment,

A tooth escaped, shiny steel spikes with jagged edges upon it,

Then another and another till the darkness turned to fire

Blue sheets of flame; hot so hot emerged burning ever higher.

And the winds raged across the land ripping ancient oaks from the earth,

Branches reaching for a hold, lacking strength they landed upon the dirt.

The ground shook fiercely sending wave upon wave ripping the land,

His wrath now unleashed he had the earth in his hands.

Terror held the soul of the littlest fish as Deaths image became clear,

Untouched by the storms wrath he knew to still fear.

Perhaps even more so for that meant he was wanted alive,

No matter the tortures that lay in store Death meant for him to survive.

Beauties golden hair whipped against her face,

And slowly her transformation began to take place.

Strands of hair turned to poisonous snakes venom seeping from their fangs,

And her eyes once golden now sprayed blood red flames.

Time stood still in the land across the sea,

No longer was the earth a lush green.

And the littlest fish knew what was done was done,

It was time. The battle had begun

Part 7

The two faced each other leaving the littlest fish behind,

At the moment he was unimportant for he had nowhere to hide.

Beast slapped beauty with an anvil fist,

And she opened her mouth to release deaths kiss.

A gray mist spewed forth a paralyzing deadly fog,

It held the beast at bay but not for long.

Harsh laughter echoed through his steel teeth,

His deep voice boomed, Ah my beauty that was weak.

A firestorm unlike any ever seen and beauty was surrounded,

Hells fire. Flames leapt at her hair circling around it

The snakes hissed thousands in pain trying to break free,

Blood oozed from her eyes, and her heart began to bleed.

She was falling, falling, and she could not stop,

And as she hit bottom her flesh began to rot.

Intense heat smothering somehow she had lost control,

And then she knew he had not taken all of her soul.

No longer a beauty, no longer immortal, but then she never had been,

Banished below earth, nesting in the devils den.

A heart-wrenching scream and she realized it was her own,

An eerie chant began, over and over,Welcome home.

Angry souls awoke from their deadly sleep,

Skeletal fingers grabbing flesh of their new soul to keep.

They pulled this way and that tearing her apart,

Till their jagged teeth grabbed hold her heart.

The blood from her heart they could not ignore this feast,

And up on earth she knew she was watched by the beast.

She could hear deaths laughter as he saw from above,

Revenge my sweet, revenge on the woman I once loved.

But she would not die; he was not through with her yet,

Not till his rage cooled then perhaps he would grant her death.

The littlest fish stood through his fear trying to be brave,

Now his torment would begin till Death sent him to his grave.


Part 8

And the littlest fish knew not what to do he could not run,

He could not hide from what he had done.

Somehow, someway, the beast must meet his demise,

And he knew the clue was held somewhere in the skies.

Forgive me, forgive me, why this thing I did I do not know,?

Shaking with terror he confronted the beast and tears began to flow.

How do you stop something that must no longer be?

How do you stop an invincible beast?

He felt the beasts hot smelly breath creep silently upon his skin,

The putrid smell of rotted flesh where he was, where he is, where he had been.

He felt the sharpness of his spiked teeth as they grazed his arm,

The agony he suffered as it was slowly ripped apart.

Jaws of steel and spiked teeth shred his arm finally releasing the bone,

Falling to the ground he watched as the nerves had a mind of their own.

The fingers wiggled grasping but finding nothing but air,

Ah the beast could not be seen but the littlest fish knew he was there.

His pain was unbearable but he must not give in,

Though he faced a hellish death he could not let the beast win.

He must think there just had to be someway,

A slap from behind he landed ten feet away.

The sharpness of steel lightning flowed through his head,

It struck quickly no warning at all he had.

And he grew. Taller and taller, so much strength

A yellow glow encircled him a golden aura it lent.

Flying among a rainbow Yellow fire mellow but bright,

Fields full of daisies a place of constant sunlight.

Was he dead? But no it could not be he had to save the earth,

Little did he realize this was not death, but rebirth.

Tossed back to the fiery earth riding upon doves wings,

Through his ancient eyes he saw many things.

Past times flew by many days of old,

And the power of all that was good took hold.

Landing gently in the midst of fire never feeling the heat,

He finally realized the way of the beasts defeat.

"Show yourself beast, do not hide behind your power,

Come on beast lest I think you are a coward."

The beast bellowed his rage such force the earth shook,

A strike at his pride yes that was all it took.

The beast faced the littlest fish surprise etched upon his face,

For now the littlest fish was him before he had changed.

Back, back, back in time seemed so long before,

Once he had been good then greed settled and he wanted more.

He had started the experiments the littlest fish had been his help

And as his power progressed he had made the littlest fish take over himself.

"No, no, no," he bellowed and he shook his head,

That was passed this was now, he loved the power he held over death.

The littlest fish took his good hand and grabbed the beast,

The beast struggled to get away but he could not find release.

He felt himself loosing his power, his strength, all his thought,

But the littlest fish held tightly his struggles were useless no matter how he fought.

He felt himself slowly shrinking and he was powerless to stop,

Finally banished under the recesses of earth never to journey again up top.

A rumble of a mighty quake loosed boulders burying him for all eternity,

Never again would the mightiest of beasts break free.

The fires dimmed till you couldn't tell they had ever been,

And the littlest fish became whole again.

In a little white house far across the sea,

A girl awoke from her nightmare and what a beauty.

Blonde hair the color of wheat in the fields,

With golden eyes but in anger glinted like steel.

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