The Battle In My Mind

It is come .The time that I most dread,

Angry souls ,awakening from the dead.

Nightmares come, invading the weakest part of my mind,

No relief, the end of peace I will find.

The painful screams, the mournful shouts,

My thoughts turning inside out.

They wander about, empty eyes ablaze,

Looking at you with a lifeless gaze.

So many surround you, round and round they go,

Reaching, grabbing, trying to steal your soul.

The dead have no peace, once a month they rise,

Why should this night be so different ,I am not surprised?

Toss and turn, willing yourself to wake,

Wanting the dream to end ,knowing it’s fake.

But so real it seems, as his hands reach for you,

Run, run, run, what more can you do?

Tears stream from your eyes from the fear within,

Hoping you wouldn’t have to live it again.

Over, and over, and over once more,

Knowing it will be the same, knowing what’s in store.

A cold sweat breaks through your skin,

How much longer for the nightmare to end?

You try to pull yourself from the dark clouds of sleep,

But this time, you’re sleeping way to deep.

He reaches skeletal fingers, rotting smell of his breath,

And your nostrils are invaded by the putrid smell of death.

Just as his fingers touch your skin,

You’re horrible nightmare comes to an end.

You let out a loud fearful scream,

And wake yourself from this horrible dream.

Sleep doesn’t come no more this night,

For fear, once again, the nightmare will arrive.

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