Is It Wishful Thinking?

Is It Wishful Thinking?    

Why can't I stop thinking of him,the one That takes my breath away?

He's in my thoughts, each and every day.

No matter where I go, no matter what I do,

And I wonder, does he think of me too?

Is it wishful thinking, or were we meant to be?

No matter, either way, my heart will never be free.

He captured it so easily, his hold on it so secure,

How it happened, I'll never know, it was so swift, and sure.                                                                                                    

At night, I find myself dreaming, calling out his name,

Wishing he was here, and fighting the loneliness and pain.

I need his arms around me, I need him to hold me tight,

I need the kind of strength, that only he can provide.

Please help me, please tell me what to do,

These feelings for him, that I have, are all so new.

I've never felt my heart, beat quite this strong,

Or had my thoughts invaded, for so long.

Were we meant to be, is he really mine,

Or is it wishful thinking, am I wasting my time?

My heart says yes, we were meant to be,

For my soul he has captured, and from him,

I'll never be free.


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