Hell's Curse

He stood tall, wind catching his face,

The ocean breeze, the vast open space.

His raven hair pulled back tight,

The dark gray clouds warned of a storm this night.

At peace that’s the word to describe his feel,

Such freedom, his inner self at last revealed.

This was he, his life, his passion,

Only upon his ship, the signs of satisfaction.

Many a woman tried to capture his soul,

He laughed in their face as he bade them go.

“Leave me,” he often said,

“You are only one among many to warm my bed.”

So handsome, deep brown eyes, and raven hair,

A deep scar upon his right cheek, but women didn’t seem to care.

Whenever he reached some unknown shore,

He left them begging for more.

But they soon found it was not to be,

For his lady love was the sea.

He laughed. Such a harsh laugh caught by the wind,

That earned him fearful stares from his men.

He was indeed a good captain, they could not complain,

But at times, during storms, they often feared him insane.

It had happened so very long ago,

And as fate would have it, was the night of the ill winds blow.

What a dainty little thing she was, with long blonde hair, and blue eyes,

Some that saw swore they were the color of the sky’s.

Could she be an enchantress from the Netherworld,

A perfect pair they were, the captain and his girl.

They were married aboard his ship,

And he had only meant to take one last trip.

He had lands, he had wealth, he was a man of means,

He had others to do his bidding, but he loved the sea.

And that night, a raging storm, so fierce and out of control,

He saw his Lady and bade her to go below.

Aye and that’s when the fury unleashed.

The winds mournful howl, lightning of steel,

Thunder crashed, and his lady was killed.

Swept overboard, and he saw her go,

And to this day, he cursed the winds, because they took his soul.

Many, many days, he searched , hoping she was still alive,

But really knowing she couldn’t survive.

Many years had passed him by, but he still sailed,

Ridden by guilt, knowing that he had failed.

He could not protect his lady wife,

And because of him, she lost her life.

He screamed against the wind a man by demons possessed,

A man whose soul would never rest.

“Take me,” He screamed, “Take me into the fiery pits of hell,”

“Give me peace, strip me of this empty shell.”

As if in answer to his wish a fierce gust of wind, caught him just right,

And he was swept overboard, in the darkness of night.

Funny, the storm quieted as he was swept overboard,

And his men shivered, but did not say a word.

All had the same thoughts, the captain finally at peace,

They spied him floating, but he remained out of reach.

Each time they neared him an unseen force pulled him along,

Then they all tensed as they heard the siren’s song.

His men crossed themselves and shivered in fear,

They covered their ears, “Let’s get out of here.”

It was to late for their captain, that they knew,

But they didn’t want the sirens to get them too.

Some say when a storm rages, and you hear the howling winds,

The song of the siren’s chills your skin.

But the worst sound, much, much worse,

The captains screams , hells curse.

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