Awaiting Her Heart

Awaiting Her Heart

Along a wooden path where the oak trees grow

Side by side the two lovers go.

Arm in arm shadows of the night,

How can this be wrong when it feels so right?

They say he's no good a stranger in these parts,

Only came along to steal a young girls heart.

She loves him and it strikes so deep

She's blinded by promises he cannot keep,

And he's gone now. Disappears without a trace,

And another stands by wanting to erase the pain from her face.

She does not know this but he's been there all along,

Always near waiting to catch her if she falls.

He feels her heart as it slowly bleeds,

He feels the burn as her tears fuel the fire it feeds.

He feels her anger, frustration and grief

He feels her emptiness and total disbelief.

He stands by waiting for her wounds to heal,

And waiting for the time to make his appeal.

And as each day passed his love for her grew,

How would she feel if she only knew?

The passage of time slowly her heart beats again,

And she realized she loved her best friend.

He had always been there through good times and bad,

So why search any more for something she already had.

Two lovers walk a wooded path where the oak trees grow,

And forever vow never to let go.

Their future looks bright they were meant to be,

Old ghosts ancient memories at last set free.

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