Her Own World

Lost in her own world but she really didn’t mind,

She was content. After all she had lived that way a long time

After her husband’s death nights sleep just would not come,

As habits form she waited on the rising sun.

And then she slept, sunshine chasing her dreams away,

Hiding the shadows keeping death’s nightmare at bay.

Wasn’t so much a peaceful sleep, she tossed and turned,

After a time her heart ceased beating and her soul no longer burned.

For awhile she never realized how empty she felt inside,

Or even that she had forgotten how to cry.

She existed, just here all alone day after day,

Well there were about three boyfriends along the way.

Not so many that’s true but to many times hurt,

So she threw herself happily into her work.

She flagged for a road construction crew, meeting new people along the way,

And third shift ah yes work at night sleep of the day.

She turned down invitations, dates, always stayed at home,

If she left for town on errands she wasn’t gone long.

That suited her, a life where her bright sunshine had dimmed,

But fate would not let her go, and she met him.

She putting out signs from the back of the company truck

He talking on a cell phone heat burning him up.

Three stood around their company truck flirting with her and her sister,

She said nothing, never even smiled, but her sister sure stirred up the mixture.

They were headed home fore the week end but would be back on Sunday,

The pair was invited for a cook out when they returned Monday.

Of course working third shift they could not go,

But as luck would have it the rains came and the winds began to blow.

No work that night, her sister went but she declined wanting to be alone,

One night to many people so her sister left, finishing early all sent home.

She had no ride her sister had been driving the car,

But she knew where she was at and it wasn’t far.

Her son in law gave her a ride to the motel,

She was staying; unable to drive she was drunk as hell.

An invitation for her to stay was given

But no, not her she was leaving.

Day after day they would come through her sign,

Always they would wave and shout till one day he pulled over the line.

They were staying over instead of their weekend trip home,

A cook out was planned would she please come?

Georgia gentlemen they professed to be and they would act as such,

And the way he said it her heart was touched.

She went though it wasn’t in her to stay too long.

Oh yes she had so many excuses, too much waiting at home.

Oh he would not leave her alone but was a good thing she worked third,

Until one day they switched the crew to first.

She saw more and more of him inviting her to cook out everyday,

She would go and as days passed the longer she stayed.

She felt the ice around her heart slowly begin to melt,

Though she fought it she could not stop how she felt.

Fate has a way of twisting things they cut off her power,

Her sister had rented a motel room, said she could stay and she wanted a shower.

As usual she could not sleep that night tomorrow was her son’s wedding day,

At six o’clock the next morning he came in sat down and asked her for that night to stay.

He never laid a hand on her never touched her, a true gentleman,

And that’s where her love for him really began.

She had given no answer she was scared of what she was feeling,

This man was perfect and he set her senses reeling.

Knowing she could not stay, she gathered her things it was time to go home,

Home, yes home where she could be alone.

He knew so he kissed her and she could not believe,

Ah what magic that kiss held, no she would not leave.

Many, many nights the magic between them held true,

How she would handle things when he left she hadn’t a clue.

His job here would end it was not meant to last forever,

But she vowed to make the most of their time together.

It was more than lust so much more they were a perfect pair,

And she knew; she could tell he really did care.

It was time. Kissing her and holding her so very tight,

Though neither wanted it was time to say goodbye.

No words were said neither wanted to pull away,

And she prayed silently not to let her tears give way.

It’s been over a month now though it seems so much like years,

And thinking of him still brings her tears.

Once her nights sleep brought nightmares to surface,

Now they have a different purpose.

She remembers everything about him, how could she forget,

Still she loves him and for that there are no regrets.

Her heart bleeds but she realized that she did have one after all,

Her Georgia gentleman freed her from her prison walls.

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