Standing upon the cliff, gazing out to sea,

Thinking thoughts of past, what used to be.

Shattered dreams, images swirl in her head,

Their last fight, harsh words that were said.

So very angry, she swore she wouldn't cry,

But it was hopeless as tears filled her eyes.

She ached on the inside, deep within her soul,

He wanted his freedom, she had to let him go.

Clouds rolled in, sound of thunder in the air,

So like her mood, lonliness and despair.

Many years together, now he was gone,

How could she ever face life alone?

The rains came down, lightning of steel,

The power to hurt, the strength to kill,

Yet still she remained, soaked to the skin,

And her thoughts? He was never coming back again.

His voice called in the night,thunder covering the sound, she never

knew as she slipped on the

rain covered ground. He was to late to save her

As she hit the beach, now and forever she was out of reach.

"Nooooo"he screamed, he hadn't meant what he said,

He wanted to tell her he loved her, but he was to

Late, she was dead. He stood forever, tears blending with the rain,

knowing he could never go home again.

A thunderous boom quaked the earth, a streak of

Lightning, his body jerked. The say during a storm

You can hear her cry, and he calls her name during

The thunder at night

Forever they wander, but they never meet,

Without each other, their souls are incomplete.

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